New beginnings: Paris, babies and starting again

This time last year I was busy running the increasingly popular Wedge Card, living in a little house in Chiswick, packing my son off to school every day in his little uniform that I never managed to get quite as clean as the other kids and occasionally helping my photographer husband on one of his exhibitions. It was a regular busy, working mother kind of life. And then everything changed. I got pregnant (well someone else did that for me thankfully), I started a new business with my husband, took my son out of school, left Wedge and am about to return to Paris with the family in tow to work on one of our new books – Paris at Dawn.

I realised that I was yearning for a new adventure that would keep me closer to my family and closer still to my passions. I love Wedge Card, it is an amazing idea and it’s been amazing having the chance to nuture it into the world. But it was time to move on and create something new. Anthony and I decided to ‘put all our eggs in one basket’ by working together because we had always wanted to, but quite possibly hadn’t built up the courage to until now. I mean what better time to start a new business than when you’ve just had another baby? Well I kid, but I think changes like that in your life make it actually more possible to be a bit fearless. I want to show my kids that fear is nothing to be scared of, life is for living in the best possible way you can find and doing what you love is the most sensational feeling in the world.

Our second baby was hard-won. A rather grief-stricken, tragic path was encountered. And those experiences really brought to life the reality that life is precious & fleeting, there are no certainties at all so why not just do what we want? I realised my family aren’t just people I ‘service’ but they actually give me more joy that I sometimes can possibly hold. I want to cherish my family, grow with them, create beautiful things that help others recognise the wonders of whats out there in the world – and it’s all of these things that has led Anthony and I to create Cities at Dawn. It’s going to be a totally mad, challenging, amazing adventure. More is resting on the success of this business that anything I’ve done before. But to win big at this will benefit not just me and a few investors – but my family as a whole in ways I can’t even imagine yet.

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Here are some of the photos from London and Paris at Dawn…

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