Happy New Year!

Patricks Point, California  DawnI hope this post is finding you in supreme good health – both mental and physical. OK, let’s be realistic, if it’s not – well then we’re all in the same boat. Life will get better, particularly when the sun decides we deserve some of its love.

I started this year in a total fit of anxiety (so unlike me) What are we doing? Why are we here? Am I using these precious days of life in the right way? My intense navel gazing bores me so much sometimes. One weird personality trait of mine is that I am completely incapable of doing anything – getting up, having breakfast let alone working – without a plan for my life in place. Although I seem to be fine with chaos, change and complete and utter financial insecurity my personality demands that there is a firm structure to my days and a goal or several in mind. The older I get and the more I learn about myself, the stranger I think I am. Eeek. And so I was in almost physical pain for several weeks over Xmas and NY until The Husband and I sat down and plotted out the year. Wow, what a relief.  Me because my navigation has been set, him because I stopped asking him ‘but darling what is our five-year plan?’ as he’s walking into the shower.

That plan involves some more travel (Venice and Istanbul first, yeh!) and some more making money plans (apparently that’s important) I will report back on this soon.

I had this lovely idea that in every city we visited this year we’d contact local homeschooling families to make some friends and delve deeper into the local culture. And it’s nice to have something in common right? In looking at homeschooling in Italy though I have only found a woman who sounds like she may be having a nervous breakdown and a super intense Christian sect who believe in willow beating their kids and complete subservience to the patriarch (my kind of people). Let’s nix that plan, at least for Italy.

A lot of people are fascinated by the whole homeschooling idea. Perhaps it’s like anything unusual – living on a boat or being a forest ranger – it attracts a lot of attention. I would like to use this here blog to talk about our weird homeschooling adventure (I might though have to stop calling us weird. Probably not good for the boy)

So that’s me getting started for the year. Anxious, then no longer anxious. Planning some travel adventures, trying to make some more of this here money and all wrapped up in our (not at all) funny homeschooling life. Will report back soon.

*The photo I’ve used is making me very happy right now.  It seems joyous and rejuvenating, how I’d like to be feeling right now 🙂 It is of course by my darling husband who took it three winters ago when we took a trip to Northern California to stay in the national park among the ancient redwoods and sequoia trees. The photo was taken at dawn at Patrick’s point, gorgeous and fresh and wild.