New baby, new business, new adventures - we hope!

Now where to start...I have a small window of opportunity each morning after the babe is fed and falls back into her contented reverie of sleep. After the morning turns to afternoon I am too tired to do anything worthwhile so this is it. I try not to let the panic of my endless to do list overwhelm me and pick instead a few core tasks that will move the business forward in the most significant way possible. I have spent years pontificating, procrastinating and generally arsing away my time - but with such small quantities of time to play with her (1 or 2 hours max) I have to be smart. 

Today I am going to focus on getting our requests out to contributors for the new London at Dawn book. We need some big names to contribute - to make it 'starry and shiny' so people will pay attention to us. Even  though we have to play this celeb-game we are going to try and do it with integrity - so only ask people we admire and who we think are going to write interesting things. Integreity is obvious I think as are cheap gimmicks.

(My little girl has woken up and is head butting me into paying attention. She isn't supposed to be awake having chowed down the milk and passed out on a full belly merely half an hour ago) I will attend to her and turn off the laptop...priorites. Until tomorrow.