Everything will take twice as long and cost twice as much

I was once given this piece of advice by Gordon Roddick – founder with his wife Anita of The Body Shop. Of course I ignored it (why take advice from a highly successful businessman) but over the course of my ventures it has held up as one of the simplest and best pieces of advice I’ve been given. I don’t like to apply it to my plans because I am an impatient lady – but I try to. I don’t always know how though. When your planning something you’ve never done before it can be tough to plan accurately. For this business I’ve way underestimated how quickly we could get things organised. We wanted to spend several months in Paris between now and next summer but London tasks have made it tough. And I had a few tough months over the summer when i was pregnant & feeling crappy because my iron levels had dipped so I got a lot less done on the business than I hoped (there are always unexpected delays)

(BTW it’s very hard to make dinner, look after your baby and write a blog at the same time. Poor time management? Hmmm let’s look at that tomorrow)

My impatience is both a curse and a blessing. A blessing because I’m good at getting things done quickly, am not intimidated by seemingly enormous tasks with ridiculous deadlines. I don’t wait for the perfect conditions in order to get started. But on the flip side I expect things to move quicker than they do and often set up impossible deadlines for myself & my team that dishearten all around when they aren’t achieved. So I have to come to terms with the fact that it’s not all going to happen the way I dreamed it in my head- Paris has to wait a while and that’s OK. Sometimes the deadlines in my head are imaginary.