Working a little now so I can do less later

Right now I am taking any tiny bit of time when I am not feeding/comforting/changing the babe and not utterly exhausted to cram in bits of work. I’m not getting a lot done. I could probably do in two hours of uninterrupted office time what I am squeezing out over a week – but the important thing is I am doing what I can and things are making progressing. I am following a least some of my own advice by concentrating on the really important tasks. Yesterday Anthony and I went for a meeting at the Guardian, my first time out without the baby (who is 4 weeks old today!) It totally exhausted me travelling across London on a month of little sleep. I also missed my baby like a heart ache, I heard a baby cry at the station and almost burst into tears. But it was worth it because we will probably do some good business with them. I also like the idea of working a little now so that I don’t have to go back to full time work until she is at least 3  I did that with Theo and it was brilliant. As long as I look after myself and don’t take on too much then I think it’s possible. This is what works for me.