(We’re not stressed) it’s Monday

Anthony is frying bacon.

I am having an aneurysm Di! I really really am.

Darling – I really don’t think you are.

OK I’m not but I really think one is coming!

Tensions are running high in our household. A lot of highly dramatic speech is being thrown around as we try to organise what feels like a hundred thousand projects – but is in fact only three – all at the same time. It’s crunch time.  Or as I like to sing (and get immediately booed for doing so) It’s the final countdown…..!

But what feels so funny about the ridiculous deadlines that have appeared way too quickly – is that Anthony and I are both getting hung up on the smallest strangest details. Neither of us are having breakdowns about our Kickstarter campaign, the exhibition that needs to be organised before we go to Venice next week, the books that our future hinges on – or even the greetings cards….

No Anthony is worried about where he is going to meet his group of photographers who are coming on our Venice at Dawn workshop in 3 weeks.

What if everyone gets lost and we never meet up with them! I mean, I don’t know where everyone is staying. Everyone gets lost in Venice, even the locals. How the hell are we going to find any one Di??

But darling, we are going to be there for ten days before everyone arrives, don’t you think we can sort this out when we get there?

I really don’t think so Di, this is really stressing me out!

I admit to finding this ridiculously funny.


On my part for the last month  I rang and emailed Anthony daily

Tony – our new website address hasn’t been transferred

OK Di, I’ll get on it

But what if it doesn’t work? What if we don’t really own that website domain and we’ve put it in the book designs and we’ll have to print stickers to stick over the website address we don’t own with a different website address?

That won’t happen. We own that domain, I just haven’t got round to transferring it

But what if it doesn’t work

Di it will

But what if it doesn’t

Seriously I felt like my heart would seize up every time I thought I about this bloody domain transfer. I thought the world was going to collapse if it didn’t work. Turns out Anthony was right and it worked. No need to get the world to collapse.

So I am thinking that these obsessions over small details must serve as a diversion from the real stresses – the big things that if derailed could really fuck our business up. So rather than having sleepless nights over if our Kickstarter campaign will work and if we can get our books – we are worrying about things that we can actually control. Gosh, the human brain is pretty smart. Lucky for us.