Without anxiety about imperfection

I heard this from a Buddhist (I can’t remember which one) and it struck me immediately as a great mantra when you’re starting a business.

The start up phase is a hugely messy business. You have to do a million things all at the same time, most of which you’re no good at and in ‘normal circumstances’ you’d never be called on to do. Bookkeeping, website building, sales, employee hiring etc. – you have to get your hands dirty and do every task, however much you loathe it, as best you possibly can. There will hopefully come a point in your business when most of these tasks will be taken over by ‘professionals’ and you are left in the most part by the things you are actually good at (the great fantasy of many small business owners & start up entrepreneurs). But in these early days that’s rarely possibly, unless you are generously financed, which most startups aren’t. What I have found to help me get through these early days is to remember that not everything needs to be done perfectly. When your list of tasks is miles long and you’re not very good at it anyway you have to do your best and then move on. If you can get things 70% right you are laughing in my opinion. There is always room to perfect things later. I mean if you think about – if before there was nothing and now there is something that’s amazing right?

So – what I try to regularly share with my husband and remind myself is perfection ain’t possible and so there is no use tying oneself up in knots about it. Being ‘without anxiety about imperfection’ is both liberating and essential at this point.